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Rock N Roll Racecar CD

Rock N Roll Racecar CD

*Jon Hamm narrates*


When is a car...more than a car?


When is it actually a group of 5 young musicians releasing their debut album?


Introducing the Rock N Roll Racecar.


The all-new 2019 Wicked Peace has been completely redesigned - inside, outside, and under the hood. Power, style and plenty of space for passengers to come along for the ride give the Racecar its swagger and imposing presence on the road. With 16-track power steering and top speeds reaching 212 BPM, when this Racecar rolls into your life, you’ll never want to stop rocking.


That’s the Wicked Peace Promise.


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1. Rock N Roll Racecar

2. Breathe Fire

3. The Only One

4. Floor Mattress

5. Magic

6. Laundry Days

7. Mystery

8. Tell Me Why

9. Savior

10. Racecar Radio (Skit)

11. All I Didn't Mean to You

12. Life Without You

13. My Head

14. Vomit

15. The Truth (Demo)

16. Brush Your Teeth (Bonus)