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The Members

of Wicked Peace

Matthew Holleran - Wicked Peace

Matthew Holleran

hopped aboard the Wicked Peace spaceship in 2018 and immediately skyrocketed the sound to a new level. Meeting back in college, Holleran lent his prodigious drumming talents to a number of bands and genres for years before finally joining the Wicked family. A Lexington native, Holleran’s favorite sounds include Underoath, Dance Gavin Dance, and Alina Baraz. Off-stage, his passions include basketball, pro wrestling, and skateboarding.

Amanda   Jade Turner

brought her solo singing and songwriting talents to Wicked Peace in 2014. A Morehead State University graduate from Hagerhill, KY, she is a marketing professional and yoga/fitness instructor. She is the owner and head baker of Tastytown Bakery and moonlights as a rock star with the band Wicked Peace. She is obsessed with Taylor Swift and just likes other, mere mortal bands such as Miley Cyrus, Kacey Musgraves, and, at her husband’s insistence, Bruce Springsteen. When she’s not decorating cookies or making crowds swoon, she enjoys rewatching Love Island on repeat, writing YA novels, and playing with her two dogs: Wilco and Lola.

Amanda Turner - Wicked Peace
Jared Davis - Wicked Peace

Jared Davis

is right where he belongs: gracing audiences with his rhythmic prowess in Wicked Peace. A fellow Morehead State alum, Davis studied Music and joined the band back in 2016. Hailing from Oak Hill, WV, Davis chowed down on a musical diet of Pearl Jam, John Coltrane, James Jamerson, Igor Stravinsky, and J.S. Bach. When he’s not on stage or in the studio, he enjoys practicing meditation, reading 20th century classics, and exploring the tastes of the world’s spirit

John     Tanner Blevins

started Wicked Peace in a dorm room with Patrick Brumback in October 2013. A convergent media graduate of Morehead State University hailing from Hagerhill, KY, he contributes his multi-instrumental talents to the band, along with splitting lead vocals and songwriting duties with his sister Amanda. He’s inspired by Oasis, the Rolling Stones, Van Halen, Hank Williams and Third Eye Blind. When he’s not ripping his shirt off on-stage, he practices videography and religiously rewatches the films of Paul Thomas Anderson.

John Tanner Blevins - Wicked Peace
Patrick Brumback - Wicked Peace

Patrick Jual Brumback

took a dream and turned it into a band with Tanner Blevins at Morehead State University in October 2013. A convergent media grad with a minor in visual communications, Brumback calls Owenton, KY home. Known to shred a guitar and tickle the ivories, he is a huge fan of The Avett Brothers, Dawes, Middle Brother, and John Mayer. He also delights in photography, videography, design, music production, and posting artsy pictures on Instagram.

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